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Associate in Applied Science

Instrumentation and Controls - Course Descriptions

Campus Location(s): Business & Technology
Program Coordinator: Lou Tobin, 816.604.5217

ETEC 118 - AC Circuit Analysis - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: MATH 130 or higher or concurrent enrollment. This course covers AC circuits, complex numbers, inductance, capacitance, RL and RC circuits, RC time constants and transients, resonance, transformers, relays and switches. Introduction to Solid State Principles and filters as they relate to electrical and electronic power supplies.

ETEC 130 - Digital Electronics - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: MATH 95 with a grade of C or better or appropriate placement test score. This course covers basic digital gates, logic circuits, timers, counters, shift registers, flip flops, analog to digital and digital to analog conversions, and the conversions between different number systems. An introduction to the architecture of the microprocessor is also included.

ETEC 220 - Analog Devices - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: ETEC 118. This course covers semiconductor devices and their applications. Diodes, rectifiers, power supplies, limiters, clampers, voltage regulators, and transistors will be presented, along with various small and large signal and multistage amplifier circuits. This course also covers field effect transistors, oscillators, and trigger devices.

ETEC 230 - Microcontroller Architecture - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: ETEC 130. This course covers the operation and architecture of the basic microcontrollers, programming commands and system design. Also includes an introduction to robotics.

INTE 175 - Electric Motor Controls I - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: HVAC 109 or INTE 115. The course is designed to present the fundamentals of electrical motor control components, circuits and systems. Topics include electrical control symbols, power distribution, control transformers, solenoids and relays, motor starters, pilot devices, timers and sequencers, dc and ac motor principles, proximity sensors and troubleshooting.

INTE 225 - Industrial Electrical Print Reading - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: INTE 115. This course introduces the student to industrial prints. The student will become familiar with electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, one-line diagrams, PLC prints, and P&IDís (Process & Instrumentation Diagrams). Upon completion of this class, the student will be able to demonstrate the ability to use these prints to maintain, troubleshoot and install electrical systems in the workplace. They will be able to determine safety hazards and proper procedures for guarding against those hazards.

INTE 270 - Instrumentation and Process Controls - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: HVAC 201 or INTE 271. This course is designed to introduce the individual to various types of instrumentation and control schemas. This course will primarily cover pressure, temperature, level and flow detection and calculations. Lab activities will include calibration, tuning and installation of various analog and smart equipment used in industry.

INTE 271 - Programmable Logic Controller I - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: INTE 113 and INTE 175 with a C grade or higher. The course is designed to provide the individual with an ability to understand the various output methods, programming and troubleshooting techniques using the programmable controllers (PLC). I-O methods for dc and ac and analog, ladder programming and analysis, logical functions, timers and counters, forcing and troubleshooting techniques are among the specific topics covered. The student will be able to correlate motor control systems to PLC systems.

INTE 272 - Programmable Logic Controller II - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: INTE 115 & INTE 271. This course is designed to provide the individual with the skills needed to study process control, motion control, addressing Input/Outputs and intercommunications. Topics include: advanced instruction sets for applications, analog, stepper, searching, on-line editing, cross referencing and ControlLogix software.

INTE 277 - Programmable Logic Controller Troubleshooting - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: INTE 115 & INTE 271. This course is designed to provide the individual the skills needed to troubleshoot and repair Programmable Logic Controllers in the workplace. Topics include: Hardware, searching, documentation, fault routines, Preventative maintenance, wiring and schematic diagrams and communication problems.


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